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About us

MIKRON was founded in 1983 by Radoslav Panic. Years of work i vast experience has helped the owner with the help of his knowledge and professional workforce to raise the company to one level, which can meet all requirements and standards and even the Western European market.

We are neither the greatest nor the strongest, but we strive to please everyone under our conditions our customers' desires with the quality, speed and professionalism that we require. The main activity of our company is the construction and production of plastic injection molding tools and production parts of metal.

For us, customer support is the most important aspect. By combining products and the power of skilled people, we are able to provide practical solutions we respond to all customer requests.

Our expert team with many years of experience in the field of construction and tool making, is capable of Based on the information received from customers, realizes complex projects individually in a very short time solutions.

For this many years, we have cope with the various requirements of our subcontractors so that we are our toolbox equipped and constantly refined. In addition to our crafted tools, we were required to produce finished ones products, so we were improving in that direction as well.

The equipment we own gives us high quality and precision products and allows us to expand ours capacity. Thousands of satisfied customers have been talking about the quality of our products all these years, like and associates who have been with us since the company was founded.

Our team